Summer Youth Jobs From Councilman Deutsch


Councilman Chaim Deutsch Advocates

For Summer Youth Employment Opportunities

BROOKLYN, NY: New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn) strongly urges parents and guardians who have young adults without summer plans to apply for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). The Summer Youth Employment Program provides young people who live in New York City with paid summer employment during the months of July and August.


“The Summer Youth Employment Program provides an incredible opportunity for anyone 14 to 24 years old to build upon their skills and obtain a meaningful work experience” said Councilman Chaim Deutsch.

Currently, SYEP applicants are chosen through a lottery system. Because of this, hundreds of children are never fortunate enough to be included in this program. Councilman Deutsch is currently working with city officials to make this valuable program available to everyone who is eligible. “Every summer, many young adults spend their time in an unproductive fashion which occasionally, may lead them into trouble” said Councilman Deutsch. “We must eliminate this needless strain on our society and create more opportunities for our precious youth to grow; they are the future of our great city”. 

Employees work in a variety of entry-level positions at the following:

  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Summer Camps
  • Non-Profits
  • Small Businesses
  • Law Firms
  • Museums
  • Sports Enterprises
  • Retail Organizations                    

In addition to work experience, SYEP provides workshops on job readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, and opportunities to continue education and social growth.

Any New York City resident between the ages of 14 and 24 may apply for this program online at or at a community-based organization during the application period. The application period is open from now until Friday, April 25, 2014.

FREE Vascular Leg Screening


For Your Health:

A vascular leg screening is a medical test given to ensure that there are no risks for blood circulation issues.  The test is non-invasive and involves wrapping a pressure cuff around your ankles to determine if there are any blockages. 

There will be FREE vascular leg screenings available at Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’ office 1800 Sheepshead Bay Road on Tuesday, April 8 from 10 AM to 3 PM.  If you are interested in having this test done, please confirm your attendance by calling 718-743-4078.

Initial information from the Assemblyman and sent to you as a Public Service by the Manhattan Beach Community Group


from the

Yeshiva World News


No Homes Fully Rebuilt Under NYC Sandy Program

(Tuesday, April 1st, 2014)

sanA year and a half after Superstorm Sandy decimated New York City’s coastline, a city-run program that was supposed to rebuild wrecked homes has only begun construction on three houses, and officials say they will need another $1 billion from the federal government in order to help every homeowner in need.

Homeowners who lost everything in the storm are furious with the lack of progress made by the Build-It-Back program, which was created by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to primarily help New Yorkers repair, rebuild and elevate homes, though some funding was also designated to aid renters and owners of multi-family properties.

The city has already been granted $1.45 billion in federal funding for the program and about 20,000 people have applied for rebuilding and repair assistance. But as of last week, checks had been mailed to just three homeowners — totaling $100,000 — to reimburse them for repair work. And construction has begun on only three homes, none of which have been completely rebuilt.

Emotions ran high at a city council hearing Monday, where Amy Peterson, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s newly appointed director of housing recovery, was assailed with withering criticism from politicians and homeowners in her first day on the job. Much of the blame for inaction was laid squarely on the Bloomberg administration.

“We have been frustrated and heartbroken at every step of this process,” said Joseph Palmer Doyle, who applied to Build-It-Back and has yet to receive a dime for repair work to his home in the Rockaways. “We are financially ruined.”

Peterson acknowledged that it has taken the city an “unacceptable length of time” to help those in need and said de Blasio’s administration has moved quickly to cut through the red tape since January to get things moving.

Checks amounting to an additional $800,000 are about to be mailed out to homeowners, and about 70 people are negotiating with contractors to have their construction work mapped out, Peterson said.

Mayoral officials said more than 3,000 “offer meetings” — during which residents are presented with their financial offers from the city — have been held since Jan. 1, compared to just 500 prior to that. The city has completed nearly 10,000 damage assessments, with 7,000 of those completed under de Blasio’s watch.

The new administration has also moved senior staff members to Build-It-Back centers and pushed up home design consultations earlier in the application process to speed up the bureaucracy. But politicians said it doesn’t matter who created the problem: it must be fixed immediately.

“The problem is, it’s been about 10 months and Build-It-Back hasn’t actually built anything back yet,” said Councilman Jumaane Williams, who represents several neighborhoods in Brooklyn. “This administration may not have made the mess, but this administration has to clean it up.”

Over the weekend, De Blasio allocated an additional $100 million to ensure that everyone who applied to the program with a destroyed home — meaning the cost of rebuilding is 85 percent or more than the cost of a new home — will receive assistance. But that accounts for only about 500 homes. As for the rest, the city currently does not have enough money in its coffers to assist every single person who applied to Build-It-Back and would need an additional $1 billion to do so, Peterson said.

Officials are hoping that money will come through in a final installment of a block grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“There are significant uncertainties about the city’s ability to serve all applicants to the program,” Peterson said.

Build-It-Back has been plagued by long wait periods between applicant meetings, lost paperwork, confusing procedures, appointments canceled at the last minute and other issues that city officials and homeowners complained of during the hearing.

Peterson said the program struggled to communicate effectively with customers during its early months and often failed to track documentation through the system. It passed off responsibility from one contactor to another and struggled to manage vendor contracts across multiple city agencies, she said.

The first offers weren’t presented to applicants until November. Just 500 offers were made by the end of the year.

As of now, the estimated total value of money accepted by, but not yet paid to homeowners, is about $40 million. More than $312 million has so far been offered but not accepted.

“Early missteps, unrealistic assumptions and overly complicated processes have hindered rebuilding and made it more difficult for residents to resume normal life,” Peterson said.


Important Town Hall Meeting April 3rd at PS 195, 7 PM

New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch is hosting a Town Hall Meeting on our Parks. The meeting will be held this Thursday at PS 195 at 7 PM.

This is very important meeting concerning the parks and beach in our community. The Councilman has made it very clear that he wants to hear from us how money should be spent to make our beach and our parks better. Especially after Hurricane Sandy there is a great need to repair the overwhelming damage the parks suffered.

We must have a large turnout from our group to show the Councilman that we care about our community. Please make every effort to attend.

Vision Zero Town Hall Meeting This Tues. April 1st


Council Member Chaim Deutsch

To Host Vision Zero Town Hall Meeting



Council Member Chaim Deutsch will host a town hall meeting at Brooklyn Borough Hall on Tuesday, April 1 at 7 pm, where Brooklyn residents of the 48th Council District are invited to discuss Vision Zero, an action plan outlining how to eliminate traffic-related fatalities.

 “Nobody knows the streets in your community better than you do,” said Council Member Chaim Deutsch. “This town hall meeting will give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns and speak out on potentially dangerous traffic locations.”

At Tuesday’s town hall meeting, Council Member Deutsch will discuss legislative measures and other initiatives in an effort to ensure our streets are safe and traffic-related fatalities are eliminated. Community members who attend the meeting will be provided the opportunity to point out specific problem locations throughout the borough where they perceive hazards or additional safety concerns to exist. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and other city council members representing Brooklyn neighborhoods will also be in attendance.

Eternal Light Relit

Hurricane Sandy darkened the Eternal Light in Holocaust Park. It may not be on the top of the list of needed repairs in our community but the symbolism of it can not be ignored. Thank you to Councilman Chaim Deutsch for his efforts to get it relit and shining again. Not even a Hurricane can  damper our efforts to fight hatred and remember all those who lost their lives.

Let this be a message that hate will never win.  Thanks again to our Councilman.



Click on your borough below for more information!


Registration will be posted no earlier than three weeks before a giveaway date. If registration is closed, a limited quantity of trees will be available on a first come, first served basis.

To pick up your free tree, you must agree:
- To plant in one of the five boroughs.
- To keep trees properly watered and maintained.

- NOT to plant your tree along streets, in city parks, in containers, terraces, balconies or on roofs.

Blocked Driveway-Get Them Ticketed

You walk out of your house on the way to an important appointment and someone (usually a KCC student) blocked your driveway. Your anger seethes and you have to call car service.

Before you leave CALL Brooklyn South Traffic Enforcement Unit Desk-


They promise to send a car in a timely fashion and write a summons. Let us know if it doesn’t work and we’ll follow up.

Another Scam To Be Aware Of




     Green Dot Money Pak Card Scam 


Dear Sir/Madam,


As the Commanding Officer of the New York City Police Department’s Crime Prevention Section I am writing this letter to alert you of a telephone scam that is currently spreading across our city. This scam targets our elderly and new immigrant communities, but not exclusively, and it is perpetrated using the Green Dot Money Pak Card. This scam has netted criminals thousands and thousands of dollars, negatively impacting those who can least afford it.


This scam starts with a phone call to your home where a person tells you that you owe the IRS or Utility Company money and that if you don’t pay immediately you will be arrested and deported or your electric/gas will be turned off. They also use the ruse that a family member has been arrested, was in an accident or kidnapped and if you don’t pay them a certain amount of money harm will come to your loved one. The caller will ask you to go to a certain store to buy a Green Dot Money Pak Card and tell you how much they want you to put on that card. Make no mistake about it, you are being scammed.


No government agency, utility company or law enforcement agency will ever contact you and ask you for immediate payment using a Green Dot Money Pak


Part of this scam is to have you buy the card, place money on the card and call back a specific telephone number that the scam artist gave you. They will ask you to give them the 14 digit serial number off the back of the Green Dot Money Pak Card and when you do your money will be lost.


Criminals are very convincing in this enterprise and I ask you to stop and call 9-1-1 before buying a card.


If you have any questions, please contact your local precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer or visit the New York City Police Department’s Website at


Please pass this information on to family, friends and neighbors so that they don’t fall victim to this scam.


Best Regards,

Inspector James Klein

Commanding Officer, Crime Prevention Section



For more information regarding the

Green Dot Money Pak Scam, click here:

 Green Dot Money Pak Information 

Next Meeting MBCG-Wednesday, 8 PM, PS 195-Your Opinion Counts


Next Meeting of the Manhattan Beach Community Group:


P.S. 195

8 PM


Why Manhattan Beach isn’t beautiful anymore…

“SANDY” destroyed our trees…we are

left with stumps…

Will the City remove the stumps?

Will more trees be removed?

Will the City replace street trees and if so, what types of trees and when?

Director of the Brooklyn Parks Department Forestry Unit, will address these and other “Sandy” related issues.


Also included on the agenda:  an update of how much of the almost 20 million dollars of NY Rising monies may be allotted to Manhattan Beach.


All of the above and more…come to learn, ask questions…be a part of the discussions…your opinion counts!